2 tips for business owners who plan to have audiovisual equipment fitted in their meeting rooms

If you are upgrading the meeting rooms on your business premises by having some audiovisual equipment fitted in them, the tips provided here could be helpful. 1. Ensure the audiovisual equipment package you pick suits your business Rather than picking a generic audiovisual equipment package, you should ensure that the one you go for suits your business. For example, if you routinely work on collaborative projects with other companies, then you should opt for an audiovisual system that comes with an interactive 'smart' whiteboard. [Read More]

Why On-Ear Headphones Are The Perfect Compromise For Frequent Flyers

On a typical long-haul flight, few things are as valuable to your comfort, enjoyment and overall sanity than a good pair of headphones that let you listen to music, movies and podcasts. However, if you're a frequent flyer for business or pleasure, choosing the right set of headphones for your in-flight needs can be a challenge with so many brands and types of headphone to choose from. On-ear headphones may not be as popular as in-ear earbuds or large, over-ear headphones, but they are ideal for use on commercial flights. [Read More]